Saturday, September 6, 2008

Local Government..where the rubber meets the road.

Well Senator McCain has picked his V.P running mate. Like most of you I never heard of Governor Palin before. Putting aside the fact that her convention speech was probably written by others and tailor made for her, I was still impressed with her delivery. It's not easy speaking in front of a large crowd. But she made it look easy and from what I understand nearly 40 million people listened and watched as she made her debut.

I find myself wanting to learn more about this woman who seems very confident and who may very well be the next Vice President of our country. One issue I empathize with is all the discussion about her inexperience. Some are quick to discount a record of public service if it has been performed on a local level. If Gov. Palin is elected Vice President I believe that her prior positions on the City Council and Mayor of the small town where she grew up gave her a wealth of knowledge.

I would wager during those years of service she learned several critical lessons. Like: you can't make everyone happy because support of an issue will always disappoint those on the opposite side of that issue. Those of us who have served in these positions learn very quickly that local government is where the rubber meets the road............

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